Entry #3


“Hi. How is everything with you?” said Zach.

“Hello. Things are ok,” replied Lori.

“Well that was not a very convincing response,” answered Zach with that sarcastic tone of voice he can give.

“Well what do you want me to tell you then since apparently ‘ok’ isn’t a good enough answer for you now?” said Lori in a very defensive manner. Zach quickly picked up on this same things and quickly moved to diffuse the situation, “I am sorry I didn’t mean to be about it. I was just expecting more than just an ‘ok’ if I can be honest. But sorry.” Lori’s demeanor did not quite relent as much as Zach had hoped. She clearly was still annoyed by his remark but tried her best to move past it. “So how was your flight?” she said. Zach felt relieved that they were moving on from the initial topic. “The flight was good. I don’t really expect much from airlines now a days to be honest. If they can take me to and from without a problem then I am a happy costumer” he replied. She didn’t seem amused. Her facial muscles were so tight. Her eyebrows were fixed in a position that nothing short of ‘looking angry’ would fully explain what it is doing. Her eyes seem very inattentive to the actual conversation at hand, instead becoming fixated on this bag of trash just outside of the coffee shop. As Zach continues to elaborate on how airlines now a days only care about profits instead of customer service, Lori completely zones out every word. Occasionally Lori drops a “Yeah” or an “Oh really?” in order to pet the ever increasing ego of Zach as he really dives into the topic. “You do know that they are shrinking the leg space on their planes in order to make room for more seats. More seats will lead to more profits all the while customers like me…” continued on Zach for a few more minutes.

“Hey, are you ok?” asked Zach.

This simple question caught Lori by surprise. She thought she was gonna listen to capitalism and the 1% for at least another 10 minutes.

“What? Oh yeah, I’m fine” she replied.

“Lies. What’s bothering you?”

“I already said I’m fine. Why are you being so nosy?”

“Because I care. That’s why.”

“Well it sure hasn’t seemed that way for the past 15 minutes with you complaining about big corporations, capitalism, and whatever else you’re protesting now a days. Do you know that it took you nearly 30 minutes into our conversation for you to finally ask me how I was doing?”

“Ok you’re right. I’m sorry for being a dick, again. I got out of hand those last 15 minutes. Apology accepted?”

Lori takes a few seconds of contemplation. Letting things go has never been one of her strong suits, even in the little things. But to Lori, even the little things are not so little.

“Fine. Apology accepted. Just stop acting like a douche ok?”

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