Entry #4


I feel like sometimes there is this endless reservoir of tiredness in me that just will never be satiated. Try as hard as I might to make up for lost hours of sleep or just late nights in general, I always wake up feeling just as tired as when I went to sleep. I wonder why this is so? Is this a natural occurrence that everyone goes through on a daily basis? Is this just me? Is it a form of depression? I wish I had more answers than questions. To be able to know how to fix it, if at all possible. But that’s just been my sort of luck the past year or two. Bad luck.

I often feel like Superman. Not the super powers part. Not the reporter part either. Definitely not the brave and courageous part or the innate unbreakable moral compass within him. It’s the sun. We both need it. It gives us the strength we need to carry on with the impossible tasks we each day have to go through. The sun’s rays, its warmth, and its energy fills our cells with the ability and the belief that we can carry on. It fills our cells with hope and with the ability and belief that we can carry this hope out unto the world. The light shines away all the darkness that festers in our soul. The light shines away the doubts that keep us hostage. The light gives us strength. The Sun allows us to reach for the sky.

Maybe it’s important to feel superhuman at times. I might just start to believe that we need to be able to rise above all that weighs us down. We have the need to go above the situations and the people who want nothing more than to make us stoop to their level. What draws me so much to iconic superheroes is the fact that they always seem to rise above the murkiness of life. This does not mean to be void of it completely or at all but rather the conscious effort that even with the darkness pulling you towards it, you chose the alternate route. These people chose love, forgiveness, grace, mercy, compassion, justice, and hope. Through the current circumstances that they are dealt with they time and time again chose the light. Through the pain, the disappointment, the shame, the heartache, the anger, and fear they still chose to make the opposite choice. Not because of simplicity but because it brings healing to all of us. I believe it’s important we have heroes in our lives, super or not. They are who we aspire to be. They give us hope.

People need to be other people’s heroes. Someway, somehow we need to inspire others. We do not need do some impressive feat because maybe just doing the small things will cause just as big of an impact. Being a friend who doesn’t bail when times get tough. Asking those tough questions when no one else will. Just being present. We all should aspire to be our best versions and I think doing that we will become heroes in the eyes of others.

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