Entry #5


The sun rose. Daylight finally broke through. His curtains were open leaving the light to come right in, a friend who is always welcomed in. The lights hits his face causing a flinching reaction. He turned to the other side of the bed. Unfortunately light had already flooded the room, leaving few places to hide. He yawned and stretched his arms. He turned to his right and just starred. There she was, lying next to him. Her brunette hair lay covering half of her hair. A week earlier she was telling him how she wanted to cut her hair because it had gotten too long becoming a nuisance at times. He stretches over and moves her hair away. She just lays there, fast asleep and so peaceful. He studies every inch of her face with a fervent to desire that is unmatched by many. He notices the structure of her eyebrows, the smoothness of her nose, the shape of her cheeks, and every line on her lips. He notices how the light is reflecting off her exposed right shoulder, creating this afterglow that suits her well. If he was ever to encounter an angel, here she is. He just remains fixated on the most beautiful person he has ever known in his short 32 years of life. A smile takes place on his face. He can’t help it. There is joy in his heart, the experience he has never truly had in his life. He was never much a religious man but he always felt tugged toward a Higher Power. At this instance he couldn’t help but ponder that God cared. That God was finally looking out for him.

He turns to see the clock. It shows 7:30 on the screen. He hates himself for doing this but knowing what time it is he has no other choice. He turns and says, “Good morning beautiful. I hate to wake you but its 7:30 and if we want to get there early we should start getting ready.” Her body begins to move and after a few seconds’ replies, “Five more minutes please.” She turns her head the other ways and tries to fall back into sleep. He did not have the heart to reject the request from such a beautiful soul but he also knew if they didn’t get there early they wouldn’t be able to leave on time. He leans over and kisses her softly on her cheek. He scoots over and gently positions himself right next to her. He slips on arm under her body, with the other going over until they meet in the middle. He wraps himself gently yet firmly around her. He holds her. Holds her as if this would be the last time. Holds her as if the world around them had stopped and it was just them there. He hugs with such gentleness yet passion, hoping that she could sense his deep love for her; and hoping that with every second passing by his love would placate all worries and fears.

Five minutes pass and they still lay there. The coldness of this world unable to touch them due to the warmth of the sun, their blankets, and their bodies. He gently whispers into her hear, “It’s time to get up Denise. I’ll go start breakfast ok. What do you want, pancakes or waffles?” She gives a groaning sounds before replying, “Waffles.” He slowly gets up from bed. He grabs a random shirt lying around and heads to the kitchen. Just before he leaves the room he hears, “Thanks Steven. I promise I will try to get up from bed in less than a minute. No promises though.” Steven gives a slight chuckle and walks away with a smile.

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